Author ········· Kate Dillen
Medium ········· Digital
Publisher ······ Create & Cultivate
Published ······ March 2023
Category ······· Fashion; Digital; Metaverse 

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Daria Shapovalova on How Digital Clothing Can Disrupt the Fashion Industry

Imagine a closet filled with clothing that automatically fits your body, always looks good in photos, and is sustainably and ethically made. That’s what virtual fashion is designed to do: Blur the lines between fantasy and reality by creating digital garments to be worn by your online avatars using 3D technology or edited onto images of your body using augmented reality.

2023 CC100 honoree Dara Shapovalova, co-founder of DressX, the first multi-brand digital fashion retailer, predicts that in the future, every fashion brand will offer a digital collection regardless of style or price point.