Copy Lead ········· Kate Dillen
Art Direction ········· Andrew Kim
Prdouct Marketing ····· Sophie Streimer
Type ······ Brand Voice, Product & Social Copy
Launch ······ December 2021

                 Exclusively at Sephora

OTZI isn’t just a skincare brand, we’re a skincare community. A community of humxns who set out to undefine what the industry has traditionally taught us through societal norms, trends, or media. We celebrate those who make their own rules, the ones who can’t be put into any box.

Our mission is to create products that undo any stereotypes others may have taught you because we believe that skincare isn’t just meant to be a one-dimensional experience for one person - it’s meant to be an ever-evolving, always exploring experience for everyone.

Inclusivity, fluidity, and originality - that’s what matters to us. OTZI exists to redefine the skincare industry by undefining you.